Firedrake 22

4th – 6th of January

I had the great opportunity to present my work on the Firedrake – Netgen interface at the Firedrake 22 User Metting (more info here). The slides I presented at the meeting can be found here.

22nd GAMM Seminar on Microstructures

26th – 28th of January

I presented a talk titled “Anisotropic acoustic waves in rarefied nematic liquid crystals” more information on this seminar can be found here. The slides I presented at the meeting can be found here.


MathMOD Vienna

26th – 29th of July

MathMOD is a lovely conference in Vienna on topics related to mathematical modelling. In particular during this conference I presented some work I did on the topic of Physically Informed Neural Network. More detail on the conference, can be found here. Here you can also find the slides I presented during the conference.

Finite Element Reading Group Oxford

25th of October

As part of my DPhil at Oxford University I got to attend and present at the Oxford Finite Element reading group. I presented a paper by Boffi, Brezzi and Gastaldi on the convergence of eigenvalue problem written in mixed form. The original paper can be found here. The slides of my presentation at the reading group can be found here.